My date with Jamie Oliver & the recipe for his fast Asian fish cakes made from only 5 ingredients

Contains ads for Jamie and Jamie's hotte pan

Contains ads for Jamie, Jamie's new book, and Jamie's hotte pan

E I'm actually too grown up, to freak out because of a star, ne. I thought. Because when Jamie Oliver suddenly stands exactly three meters away from me, suddenly I feel like fourteen again. Am I accidentally jumping up and down? With great effort, I can also avoid in the last second, an excited "DA IS HE, THERE IS ER!" Kieksen and point with a finger at him. And then he comes up to me, puts his hand around my shoulder, calls me darling and is just incredibly adorable. I'm slightly smiling. All right - we note: I need exactly 0.5 seconds to mutate from teenage Muddi right back to Fangirl. So much for self-knowledge.

GourmetGuerilla meets Jamie Oliver | GourmetGuerilla.comMy date with Jamie Oliver & the recipe for his fast Asian fish cakes made from only 5 ingredients

Jamie is on tour to Germany to release his new book Jamies 5 Ingredients Kitchen * ( Amazon Partnerlink) and its product line from Tefal. So I have the unique opportunity to meet him in Hamburg. And to answer the questions of all questions: is the guy really as nice as he always gets on TV? I'll cut it short: YES! IS HE.

Jamie is a full professional. But an incredibly nice and charming. He talks freely about his new book, his thoughts on food, about the future of nutrition (did you know he's currently studying nutrition science?), His children, and all sorts of other subjects. He has a personal sentence for each of those present and for a few relaxed, wonderful minutes he feels that he is really just there for this person. He is polite, unbelievably friendly - and the whole thing you just do not feel that here is a rehearsed PR role. But that he is just a really nice guy who enjoys what he does. I say yes: Fangirl.

GourmetGuerilla meets Jamie Oliver |

GourmetGuerilla meets Jamie Oliver |
 Cookbook Jamies 5 Ingredients Kitchen GourmetGuerilla meets Jamie Oliver |

We all have fun cooking too. Jamie prepares live a dish of Jamie's 5 ingredients in the kitchen and we stand by with our spoons ready to try. By the way, there is still a bit of pressure refueling with the responsible handling of food: Buys regional as possible, seasonal as well as fresh and unprocessed food, says Jamie. We know that he is right and solemnly praise it with a Happs pasta with mushrooms in his mouth.

GourmetGuerilla meets Jamie Oliver |

Then my date with Jamie is already over. He has to continue. But to say goodbye there is still a small gift: The pan Tefal Talent Pro from the Jamie Oliver Collection. (KREISCH! Jamie touched my pan!). This has now become home for weeks on the roast and stew in permanent use and the current favorite pan. After all, even after the acute Fangirl enchantment dies away, things do a fantastic job.The red thermo spot in the middle of the pan bottom indicates when the pan has reached the optimum frying temperature. The pan also has two pouring margins so you can top off or serve stews or dishes with lots of gravy from both sides of the pack (the man is left-handed and can barely believe his luck). And my personal highlight: The puncture grip is so ergonomically curved shaped that I can lift the sturdy pan also filled without problems and painful pressure on the hand (girls with delicate wrists know what it's all about).

enough to tell - now it's time again for the essentials: food. From Jamie's new book (and his hot pan), I've brought you a really straightforward and delicious recipe: Fast Asian Fish Cakes. They are surprisingly easy to prepare from salmon and taste really refined with lemongrass, ginger and coriander.

Have it tasty

 Fast Asian fish cakes after Jamie Oliver

 Fast Asian fish cakes after Jamie Oliver
Tafel Jamie Oliver Collection Fast Asian fish cakes after Jamie Oliver
Fast Asian fish cakes after Jamie Oliver

The recipe for Jamies Fast Asian cakes made with only 5 ingredients:

Ingredients for 4 fishcakes:

1 stalk of lemongrass
1 thumb-sized piece of ginger, peeled
1/2 bunch of cilantro (approx. 15 g) - 500 g salmon fillet without skin - sea salt & pepper - 1 tbsp olive oil - 4 tsp chile jam - alternative - as chilli jam is rather uncommon in Germany,
I have replaced them with the following ingredients:
4 teaspoons quince jelly
1 teaspoon Sriracha (chilli sauce)
1 shot of water

And so Let's go:

Strike the lemongrass a few times with force on the worktop, so that it is a little softer. Then cut the stems lengthwise, take out the softer inner leaves and finely chop them. Finely chop the ginger and 3/4 of the coriander (with stalks!).

Cut the salmon fillet into 1 cm cubes. Process half of the cubes into a coarse paste using a large knife, a lightning chopper or a food processor.

Knead the salmon cubes, salmon paste, lemongrass, ginger, coriander and salt & pepper. From the mass form four, approximately 2 cm thick meatballs.

In a coated pan (eg in Jamie's Edition xxxx), heat 1 tbsp of olive oil and fry the fish cakes in each side for 2 minutes until browned

Then add chile jam or quince jelly and sriracha along with a small sip of water in the pan and let melt. Spoon the sauce over the meatballs until they are completely covered with it and let it steep for a while.

Tip: Basmati rice, rice noodles or crispy, light baguette are just what you're looking for. They also make you fish patties on an Asian inspired burger.

Fast Asian fish cakes after Jamie Oliver | GourmetGuerilla.comMy date with Jamie Oliver & the recipe for his fast Asian fish cakes made from only 5 ingredients