Muesli of the week: homemade crunchy granola - Today: maple syrup pecan granola

Well, here we are again with the muesli of the week!

And to match the featured nut nougat spread this week, we'll be back here with a delicious breakfast. The muesli creations are incredibly dear to my heart and your previous feedback suggests that you like the recipes and ideas on the subject as well!

In addition, today I've screwed a bit further on the image editing , me from the master of all Photoshop and Lightroom applications (I had to say that!), my dear man (I even say that voluntarily!), Let me show a few tricks and gimmicks, as I somehow softer my images and still high-contrast get. I like it pretty much, I hope you too!

Today there is again a really great taste combination. Admittedly, it actually fits more in the autumn, so purely from the feeling. But I think sweet maple syrup and crunchy pecans always go. Always!
And that's why I've packed these two great flavors in an otherwise very simple muesli, consisting of a 5-grain flake mixture, sprinkled with a little golden seed and oat bran and only used a completely neutral sunflower oil.

That's how maple syrup and pecans stand out in my opinion.
And I liked the combination best with just some milk and fresh strawberries.
Lets taste it too!

Maple syrup pecan granola

for about 600 g muesli (approx 50g portions)


300g 5-Grain Flakes
50g Oat Bran
50g Gold Liquor

100 g pecan kernels, roughly chopped
50 g sunflower oil, native and as mild as possible
50 g maple syrup


Den Preheat oven to 140 ° C convection or 160 ° C top and bottom heat.
Generously lay out a large baking tray with baking paper so that an edge also stands up.

The 5-grain flakes together with the Put the oat bran, golden linseed and pecans into a very large bowl and mix well with a large spoon.

Put sunflower oil and maple syrup together in a small saucepan. Heat at medium temperature and boil briefly.

Pour the hot mixture over the flakes. Using a fork in one hand and a spoon in the other hand, stir the muesli mixture very thoroughly. I make movements like a salad cutlery and mix the flakes from the bottom up again and again. It is important that everything is distributed very thoroughly and that every oatmeal comes into contact with the oil mixture. When small lumps are formed, you should keep pushing them apart. It usually takes a few minutes for me to get a perfect mass with no lumps and no dry spots.

Let the cereal mixture slide out of the bowl onto the baking tray and spread it on the tray using the fork or spoon.For me, this mixture takes about 17 minutes, then it is perfect. But every oven is different, so start with 15 minutes and leave the tin in the oven, if the cereal is not golden brown enough for you. In this mixture, it is also advisable to stir well and mix well about halfway through the time, then it will be particularly even and crispy in 2 x 10 minutes.

Remove the baking tray from the oven and place on a wire rack put. Allow metal and cereal to cool completely. In the beginning, the cereal is still very soft when it comes straight from the oven. Only when it cools it is firm and crispy and a kind of "cereal plate". Once this is completely cooled, you can now break the muesli into pieces, divide it with a spatula or grind between the hands to the desired size. Then wrap it immediately airtight, preferably in a glass or plastic box and within about 1 Consume month.