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"I at first I was not sure ..." says the voice behind me , "I never thought you would be capable of that."

I focus on my chopping board, picking up an onion and peeling it carefully.

"You have me deceived for a long time, "continues the voice. "But your last phone call was a mistake! I overheard ... I heard everything ! How you confessed your love to him! "The voice trembles.

I unobtrusively pick up the big kitchen knife. Then I start chopping the onions.

"I listened to everything! As you planned with him to kill me ... and my mother ... because of our fortune ...! "The voice is now very hard and cold. "But as far as it will not come ... I will prevent that ... with my own hands ... you will not experience the next morning ...!"

There - a scream! Someone comes up to me from behind! I'm getting ready for anything with a knife in my hand ...

"Well," says the man who has just come to the kitchen, "are you hearing any bad shit thrillers again?" I confess immediately and in full: yes - in fact. I am an audiobook junkie. And I hear with great pleasure bad and good thrillers. And biographies. And novels. And sometimes even nonfiction. I've been convicted.

When cleaning, driving and most of all while cooking are audiobooks and radio plays my best. I can relax with it wonderfully. Especially when it gets bloody and brutal. Who was killed in my kitchen - just great! What would I be, for example? without the great grande dame of crime thriller Agatha Christie.

Cooking and audiobooking for me is my little private quality time (usually) at the end of a day. While the boys in the living room are practicing English vocabulary or playing Playstation, I stand in the kitchen, chopping vegetables and fellows with the big knife and making me shudder. I love it. It relaxes me so much and gives me a very comfortable feeling. Even though it's my turn to do less popular domestic things (bathroom cleaning - nothing makes you less happy!), My portable speaker manages to keep me in a good mood. In no time at all, I'll put the bathtub, the tile mirror and 45 minutes of three murders behind me.

You're also a fan of audiobooks and can not have enough on your phone? Then I have a real treat for you:

Meet BookBeat and get the free 4-week full audiobook flat rate until you drop. Exclusively for my readers.

BookBeat is the Flatrate audio book and radio play app from Scandinavia. And as a reader of GourmetGuerilla, you can now test the app for a full 4 weeks for free and with full flatrate . While other providers, the individual audiobooks, for.Whether Fimek's Crime, Bestseller by Beckett or Stephen King, SciFi by Dick, Biography of Michelle Obama, Love, current affairs or radio plays for the kids - among the tens of thousands of offers you will certainly find titles that entertain you and your loved ones in the best way. p>

Important to know! The free 4-week flatrate automatically goes into a paid subscription for € 14.90 per month after your registration if you do not cancel in due time. So sit down - to be sure - best a reminder . If you are as enthusiastic as I am and you choose BookBeat after the 4-week flatrate, you can pause your subscription without a minimum contract period in a fair and transparent manner or cancel it monthly . Your account will be deactivated. If you want to log back in later (eg for vacation time), all your titles and settings will still be available .

And now I wish you unlimited fun with your favorite audio books! What will you listen to first? I'm curious!

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